Pokémon Go Beginners Guide


    You have just gotten your hands on Pokémon go and want to get up to speed? Well you have come to the right place. This Pokémon Go beginners guide and accompanying wiki, will explain everything that you need to know to quickly become the ultimate Pokémon trainer. So lets get stuck in!

    How To Play

    In order to play the game, you will need to have a GPS enabled phone and will also need to have network access. This can be any form of connection that lets you connect to the web. The game will use GPS in order to figure out your position and will show a map with your Pokémon trainer standing in the exact location that you are standing. To wrap it up in a simple sentence, you simple need to walk around in order to play. By walking around you will encounter Pokémon and also find Poké stops and other areas of interest.

    Poké stops are marked all over the world. Typically these are buildings of interest. Some have historical significance and others are common places like libraries and schools. By walking to this building in the real world, you can interact with the location. Click on the item on the map and it will bring up some information about the location. Spin the disc to get rewarded with some goodies!

    When walking around you can check what Pokémon are nearby, by clicking on the little flag on the bottom right of the screen. Below each Pokémon will be a little icon of steps. 1 step means the Pokémon is going to be very close, 3 steps means they are a little further away and you will need to do some walking in order to capture it.

    How To Catch Pokémon

    To catch Pokémon you need to do some walking. Keep walking around and eventually your phone will vibrate strongly. When this happens look at the screen and a Pokémon should have appeared. Tap on the Pokémon to begin the battle. This will turn on your phones camera. Look around the area and you will see the Pokémon standing right there in front of you. You will need to use a Poké ball to capture the Pokémon. Do this by touching the ball in the bottom center of the screen and throwing it at the Pokémon. Hitting the Pokémon right on the head, will usually be enough to capture it. The better your accuracy the higher the odds are that you will successfully capture the Pokémon.


    All landmarks are marked on the in game map. They are referred to as Poké stops. If you live out in the countryside, you will find that there aren’t going to be too many landmarks for you to interact with. Typically things like historical sites, local amenities and local services are going to be marked on the map as Poké stops. Walk up close to one of these locations in order to interact with it. When the info screen for the location pops up, spin the circle in the middle. This will give you some Poke balls and other rewards.

    How To Level Up

    You gain XP for completing a large amount of different actions. The 2 most common actions will be for capturing Pokémon and for visiting new Poké stops. You will get a bonus of 500xp for every unique and new Pokémon that you capture, so you will find that you can obtain quite a lot of XP early in the game by capturing every single Pokémon that you find.

    Can All Pokémon Be Captured In Every Country?

    The general answer to this is yes. There have been reports of people finding different Pokemon in different countries, but there has been no evidence that this is a strict rule and not just luck. For example, you will not need to fly to Africa to capture a particular Pokémon. With enough walking you will be able to obtain them all in your area, but there are some limitations to this. For example, water based Pokémon can only be captured in locations where there is water. This is determined by the GPS map, so you cant stand next to a pool in your back garden and expect to get a water Pokémon. The location isn’t super accurate, so you may find that you collect some Pokémon in unusual locations, but in general you shouldn’t need to be travelling to other countries to capture everything.

    How To Use Pokémon Eggs

    Early on in the game you will collect a few Pokémon eggs from various stops, but it isn’t made all that clear how you use them. It’s actually quite simple, you use the egg incubator in order to hatch the egg. You will need to walk a pre defined distance in order to make the egg hatch. For more information on this see the wiki page for the egg incubator. 

    How To Battle In Gyms

    Gyms are not available at the start of the game, so there is no need to worry about these at the start of the game. Once you reach level 5 you will unlock the ability to fight here and the game will explain everything you need to know when the time comes.



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