Pokemon Candy


    Pokemon candy comes in several forms and is used as a way to make your Pokemon more powerful, either by triggering the evolution of the Pokemon, or by using the power up option. Each type of Pokemon has a particular type of candy that it prefers to eat. You can’t feed the wrong type of candy to a Pokemon. Each time you catch a Pokemon you will obtain some candy for that particular type. By capturing multiple of the same Pokemon, you will be able to obtain a large amount of candy and eventually save up enough to be able to evolve that Pokemon.

    Pokemon Candy is a key component in the training of your Pokemon. Since the supply of candy is limited, you should carefully consider your use of it before you use it on a Pokemon. You do not want to waste Candy on a Pokemon that is generally quite weak and will never be able to become powerful, even when it has been fully upgraded. For more information on training Pokemon, see the Pokemon training wiki page.

    How To Obtain Pokemon Candy

    Candy is quite rare and cannot be purchased in the in game store, but once you know the best methods to obtain it, its not quite as difficult as it might first seem. The following methods can all be used to obtain pokemon candy.

    • Catching Pokemon – Every time you capture a Pokemon, you will get some candy for that particular type.
    • Hatching Pokemon – You can hatch Pokemon using the Egg Incubator. Once hatched you get some candy.
    • Transferring Pokemon – When you are looking at the Pokemon in your bag, you have the option to transfer the Pokemon back to the professor. You get some candy in exchange for the Pokemon. Once you make this transfer you can never get the Pokemon back, so be careful.
    • Defending a Gym – Once your team has a gym you can defend it from attack. Doing this will get you some candy.
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