How To Link Chair To External Speakers


    If you are inputting audio into your X rocker pro chair, it is possible to connect this chair to speakers that are not part of another chair. For example, if you have a set of speakers in front of you that you would like to use with your gaming setup, it can be done very easily. If you are familiar with connecting multiple gaming chairs together you will find this step very simple.

    If you have speakers that contain the same audio connections used on the X rocker chair (i.e. the red and white connections) then you should be able to just connect the cable from the audio output connections on the chair, to the input on the speakers. Unfortunately a lot of speakers do not contain this connection.

    Typically most speakers will contain a connection that requires you to have a raw cable that gets connected to the back of the speaker. Sometimes the speaker might be hard wired to a cable. If this is the case you will need to take the 2 raw wires that are coming from this speaker cable and connect them to an audio connection that you can plug directly into the chair.

    There are various ways in which you can handle the connections from the chair to the speaker. Regardless of the setup, it should be very easy for you to actually connect the speakers to the chair to enhance your gaming experience.

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