Frozen Ball Glitch


    This is one of the most common glitches in the game and affects both platforms. The result of the glitch isn’t to severe, but it can be come very annoying when you are regularly coming across the frozen ball glitch. There does not appear to be any identifiable pattern in what causes the glitch to occur which makes it quite difficult to overcome at the moment. The glitch occurs while capturing a Pokemon. After you throw the ball and the Pokemon is captured inside, you must wait to see if the Pokemon breaks free or is captured. The game commonly freezes at this point making it impossible to see the outcome and no way to continue playing the game.

    How To Fix The Frozen Ball Glitch

    The good news here is that this is not too severe of a glitch. If this happens to you, check the top left corner of the screen, you will likely see a spinning Pokeball icon. This is the game syncing with the server. Once this has completed you can quit the game and force close it on your phone by killing the background process. When you restart the game you will no longer be frozen on this screen. If you look in your inventory you may find that you have actually been successful in capturing the Pokemon. If the Pokemon is not there, then it either broke free or ran away after escaping from your throw.

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