What Is The Best Pokemon To Use


    When battling with Pokemon its pretty clear that some Pokemon are more powerful than others. This brings up one very common question, what is the best Pokemon to use?

    There are 2 camps when it comes to this question. For those unfamiliar with the game, in order to power up Pokemon you need to use candy. You will get candy every time you get a new Pokemon. This means that for more common Pokemon its easy to get candy and for the rare/legendary pokemon it can be quite difficult to get candy.

    The short answer here would be either Dragonite or Snorlax are 2 of the most powerful Pokemon in the game and as such are the best pokemon to use. The problem here is that if you have an 800cp Snorlax, it is very very difficult to get more candy to make him more powerful. This means you could end up getting defeated by a Pokemon with 1500cp. This leads to the question of whether it is better to use a high level common/less powerful pokemon vs using a rare and highly powerful one.

    If you capture an Eevee, change its name to “Rainer” this will cause it to evolve into the most powerful common pokemon in the game. Eevee is quite common, so it shouldn’t be much trouble for you to get candy for this quite often allowing you to obtain a highly powerful Pokemon, and not have to worry about him getting underpowered due to a lack of candy.

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