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Gas is a resource category in Astroneer. Gas is a critical part in the construction of composite resources.

In order to capture gas, you will need to construct an Atmospheric Condenser. This structure will allow you to capture gas that is in the atmosphere of the current planet.

Gas levels in the atmosphere of each planet will vary in levels. Much like natural resources, players will need to travel to other planets to gather specific types of gas from the atmosphere.

Due to the requirements to construct the Atmospheric Condenser, you will need to progress further into the game before you will be able to construct this machine.

A table below will give you a quick overview of the different levels of each gas on all of the different planets in Astroneer. You can view the specific pages on this wiki for each of the elements to find out more about where to find it and what to use it for.

Note: The measurements below are in PPU (parts per unit)

Resource Sylva Calidor Vesania Novus Glacio Atrox
Hydrogen 75 50 100 25 0 0
Argon 0 0 50 0 100 0
Methane 0 0 0 75 0 100
Nitrogen 100 0 75 0 0 50
Sulfur 0 100 0 0 0 75
Helium 0 0 0 0 0 25
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