Art Gallery Office


    After gaining entry to the office you will have quite a lot if stuff that can be interacted with. The biggest thing that stands out is the statue with the penis..or maybe that’s just me. There isn’t anything that can be done with it right now.

    If you are a trophy/achievement hunter check up on the shelf for a goat.

    Hidden Goat
    Hidden Goat

    If you look on top of the filing cabinet on to the left you will see a TV screen for the CCTV camera. In order the get access to it you need to get the password. If you look at the calendar on the wall you will get your secret. His date of birth is the 27th of may. This means the password is 2705. Enter this into the TV to gain access to the CCTV footage.

    Skip through the frames on the video and check for any interesting things that happened. There are quite a few events that you can interact with them so hover around the screen for events that pop-up. The biggest event in particular is the logo on the head of the helmet. This is the clue that you will need.

    Important security frame
    Important security frame

    After you have Interacted with all of the screens you will now be able to exit out of the screen and it will trigger an animation where the inspector walks into the office and begins some dialog.


    Quick Questions

    • What is the CCTV password?  = 2705
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