From the day that I bought my first PC I was always told never to trust Microsoft. From Linux heads to experienced users, there was a general mistrust to the business strategies¬†of the software giant. Over the years I began to see the flaws in Windows and the general money grubbing nature of Microsoft. Like the rest of the world, I just got on with it. Over the past year, Microsoft have been making some very unusual business decisions in the Xbox and Windows business that contradict everything that I thought I knew about the company. As great as it is to see Microsoft having a change of heart I can’t help feeling like they are up to something.

Think back to the original plans for the Xbox One. Microsoft wanted to put a camera in every home and force people to use/pay for it in order to use the console. Games could no longer be shared and there were a bunch of other ridiculous restrictions on the machine. This was the Microsoft I grew up with. No consideration for the people, all they wanted was money and control. Thankfully they made a complete U turn here and since then we have seen a completely new company.

Microsoft have been giving away Windows 10, absolutely free and seem to have the attitude of “We don’t care if you have pirated our older operating systems, upgrade to windows 10 for free!”. Yet again this is an amazing turn around, and I wish i could trust Microsoft that this was honest kindness for the good of the community.

The latest move is Microsofts decision to open up Xbox Live for cross platform multiplayer. This is something that gamers have wanted since the Xbox 360. None of us ever thought Microsoft would break on something like this, as this is another move of unexpected, yet highly appreciated kindness.

What do Microsoft have to gain from all of these kind gestures. Giving Windows 10 away for free must be costing Microsoft a fortune on bandwidth alone. Releasing games on Windows and Xbox does benefit them, but generally it benefits PC gamers most. PC gamers who might be playing on an OS that Microsoft gave them for free. Now they are going to allow gamers on Playstation, their direct competitor to play with gamers from Xbox Live. This is amazing news, but I can’t help but feel worried that Microsoft are up to no good.

If Kim Jong Un started building orphanages, feeding the homeless and started working on a cure for cancer, we would all be very much appreciative of the kind acts, but wonder what is he looking to gain from this. Of course, this is a bit of an extreme comparison, but It was the best comparison i could think of. I guess only time will tell how this plays out, let’s hope we haven’t unknowingly triggered the construction of skynet.


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