We try and merge a major developer and a major franchise for epic results, this time we do Guerrilla games. What would it be like if Guerrilla games made a Starship Troopers Game.

Starship Troopers : The Game

Sharship Troopers PS4 Box Art

Why Starship Troopers

Well for those of you that have never heard of this 1997 movie the plot revolves the human race coming into contact with an alien race known as the Arachnids, then the shit truly hits the fan when the Arachnids launch an asteroid at Buenos Aires (yes this actually happens) and the human race declare all-out war on the “bugs”. So you’re probably thinking that this probably the most generic game plot going, but that’s were things get interesting, in between the moments of dude bros fighting the aliens there is actually some interesting satire in play, the film in parts mocks the military and modern war in general. With all that said and done there are some awesome battles against hordes of enemies and an awesome last stand moment.

Why Guerrilla Games

Killzone 4
Killzone 4

In the 15 years or so since Guerrilla games was founded, the Sony owned studio have made nothing but high quality, fun games. They are probably one of the most consistent developers in the industry for good and bad reasons. Their games are well built, hugely impressive on a technical level, but always seem to fall short when it comes to story and characters, but that’s where the comparisons with Starship Troopers are the strongest, because unknown to Guerrilla in their attempt to create drama and add weight to their stories they have actually been quite good at making satire of war and the military, so in theory if they took the game seriously they would probably end up making a great spiritual successor to the original film.

What would the game be like?

Game Screenshot
Game Screenshot

When I try visualize how I would like the game to play out it end up coming with a mix between left 4 dead and a tower defense game, every mission is fought against impossible odds, enemies flood through every crack and you and your squad mates must provide a continuous rain of fire to even stand a chance. It would be stressful and panicking, as the player you wouldn’t get a moments rest from the horde between setting up turrets and restocking teammates ammo. Also co-op would be a given.


Could you get some of the Actors back?

This would hard to do since the movie is so old and the actors have moved on to bigger things with a few exceptions, Denise Richards career hasn’t gone anywhere since the early 2000s so she would probably jump at the job opportunity. The lead Casper Van Dien is a busy man but he has done video game related stuff before as he played Johnny cage in Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series so there is hope for him. Neil Patrick Harris on the other is probably a bit too big for the job but he has done plenty of voice acting gigs in games before so there a scrap of hope.

Is it possible?

Actually there is some chance that this could come to production, since the original movie and its sequels all involved TriStar Pictures, which a of the early 90’s is a Sony Pictures Entertainment studio, so there is already some good relationship between the IP owner and the Sony. The franchise is still pretty strong with a release as recent as 2012 with Starship Troopers: Invasion which although wasn’t a TriStar studios Production, was distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment in japan with a planned American release the franchise is alive and well.