We Happy Few Lightbearer DLC Is Epic!

lightbearer dlc

We Happy Few turned out to be a delightful jem for me this year. Exploring Wellington reminded me so much of the first time I played Bioshock. The retro futuristic dystopia genre isn’t an easy one to break into but We Happy Few managed to do it, one Joy pill at a time.

The latest DLC release has taken the game in a completely different direction. Much like how we saw Blood Dragon for Far Cry take the core game and just go nuts with it, the Lightbearer DLC for We Happy Few has gone and done the exact same thing. It feels like the same kind of game, but man are things gone crazy!

If I were to describe it in a sentence it would be Austin Powers meets Motley Crue. You play as a drugged up musician who is living the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle. You way up in your flooded hotel room with a hangover and blood all over you. From here you must retrace your steps to figure out what the hell happened last night.

Right from the start, you know this is going to be nothing like the main game. You heal yourself using alcohol, drugs, coffee or anything that would normally be bad for the average person. There is also plenty of talk about shagging birds. Shag isn’t exclusive to Austin Powers, but considering the setting and the outfit you are wearing, it sure feels shagadelic baby!

I’m not too far through it yet, but I have already been tripping on some crazy drugs and been up to a lot of weird shit. I have a feeling this is going to be better than the main game!

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