Watch Dogs Source Code Contains E3 2012 Graphics and Config Files

The big downgrade in visual quality when comparing the retail release of Watch Dogs versus the video we saw at E3 2012. The developers tried to explain that it was because we saw PC footage back at E3 and since then all footage has been released running on the Playstation 4. Shortly after release Watch Dogs was being compared to GTA 4 and the comparison was not good for Watch Dogs. Overall The graphical quality of Watch Dogs has been disappointing.

A group of modders have been able to locate the graphical configuration files that contain all the graphical wonders that were in the E3 2012 version of the game we all fell in love with. Click here to read the forum thread

-Changes to the default fog values
-Enabled bokeh DOF for the main cameras
Stuttering Improvements
-E3 2012 Bloom
Performance Improvements
-Enabled Headlight Shadows
-LoD Changes
-Reflection changes
-Added 3 new cameras to the game(closer, normal, further)
-Rain changes(High quality rain drops, properly reacting to light, etc)
-Lighting changes(TESTING AND WIP)
-Civilians density changes

This is great news for PC gamers who are looking for a little more from the game. Unfortunately this wont be any use to console gamers but it makes you think what kind of pressure Ubisoft put on the developers to get the game out on time. Sacrificing visual quality isn’t going to go down well this generation if it continues.


Here is a video of the mod in action.

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