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Welcome to Mysterium, a flooded island where it all started.

More than 3 years have passed since thousands of UFOs appeared in major cities all over the world.

First we tried to make contact, sending search probes. The army tried to attack as always, using the most advanced weapons with 0 effect.

As was expected, many were pro and anti alien. Cults and religion spread like wildfire at the world’s end.

Mass suicide and terrorist attacks became daily news.

It wasn’t long before the world economy collapsed.

In 3 years the world changed forever. Now self proclaimed small communities fight for food and resources. It seems everybody forgot about the UFOs like they were always there. Strange anomolies have started. UFOs still float in the air, silently, motionless – like they are observing the last days of humanity…

I have my personal reasons, why I travelled to Mysterium. Everything points to this place. It all started here.

I risked everything to get here, I have to find answers, and for that I need to SURVIVE!

*AKM and Grenade models are from:

*Most assets are temporary and/or placeholder, and do not represent the quality of the final game.

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