Thunderbird is an award-winning Virtual Reality adventure that transports you to a world of wonder where myths come true and legends become real right before your eyes.

Driven by physics-based interactive puzzles, this transformative journey unfolds according to your every action guiding you deeper into the heart of an ancient realm for a memorable encounter with the legendary Thunderbird.

Created by one of the developers behind 1997’s best-selling game, Riven: The Sequel to Myst, Thunderbird fuses key elements from classic adventure games with next-gen tech to provide an unsurpassed level of immersion with stunning visual depth, life-like interactions, and a sense of realism never before possible.

In the spirit of films like Indiana Jones, Thunderbird is an interactive adventure where exploration and discovery are key motivators in driving the overall experience. The strong sense of mystery and the reward of discovery combine within Thunderbird to create a most engaging experience for the truly adventurous at heart.

Drawing its inspiration from both eastern and western cultures, Thunderbird honors the old and the new by bringing together science and magic with logic and myth to create a broadly appealing and uniquely fulfilling experience for all demographics.

Designed from the ground-up for room-scale gameplay, Thunderbird encourages natural movement for both navigation and interaction giving the ability to walk freely around the world while using your hands to interact with objects – just as you would in real life.

This freedom of movement eliminates all probability of sim-sickness and offers the most immersive VR experience to-date.

Note: 5x13ft of space required for room-scale version.

With our cleverly designed Telepad teleportation system, users with limited playspace can enjoy the full experience of Thunderbird while still avoiding any of the discomforts that are commonly associated with artificial locomotion in VR.

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