This is a preview version of the PresenZ Player.

It allows to look at still images and movies created in the PresenZ Volumetric Video format.


With PresenZ the viewer can enjoy 6 degrees of freedom inside pre-computed images.

The viewer can move his head freely and look in any direction as long as he stays inside the "zone of view" which is typically a 1 meter by 1 meter by half a meter cube.

The system allows to have multiple zones of view next to each other thus creating a room-scale experience. The Buddha demo Scene in the" Demo Pack 1" illustrates that.


The Demo Pack 1 and Cars DLC should download by default at installation time.

More content is available by downloading additional DLC. Be sure to read the descriptions, as some of them can be several GB.

After the presenZ splash screen, depending on your initial position, you can be inside or outside the zone of view.

If you are outside the zone of view, the environment is grey and the zone of view is represented by a portal cube.

You can physically move to get your head inside the portal cube. If it is unreachable or uncomfortable, the controls allows to reset the zone of view height to your current head position.


  • Reset Zone of View hieght to your current position :

    • Keyboard: r
    • XBox:Y
    • Vive: The button above the track pad.
  • Switch to the Next Scene

    • Keyboard: n
    • XBox:A
    • Vive: Index trigger
  • Trigger Full Screen Monitoring :

    • Keyboard: f


We would like to thanks FBFX for the photogrammetry capture of the soldier.

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