Light Tracer

Light Tracer Boxart
This seems to be a bit of an unknown game. Found it hard to get much information about this outside of it having some easy trophies. The game is actually really cool…bar the fact that it seems like a game for 6 year old girls. You control a shaft of light. You point the light at the ground and the little girl will follow this light around. You must use this to guide her to the end of the level. Using your other hand with a PS move controller, you can manipulate the environment to help the little girl progress through the level.


Position: Seated or Standing
Play Area Size: Medium
Chance of Injury: Low

Since this game uses the move controllers, you will need a bit of space to stretch your arms around. There isn't much need for sudden movements, so as long as you can stretch your arms out, you will be fine. Due to the minimal amount of movement that you will need to excert while playing, there isn't going to be a whole lot of calories burned from playing this game. You willl need to stretch your arms out, but not suddenly. The odds of injury are slim. Even if you do hit off something, you will not cause damage to anything.


Sickness Intensity: 1

There is absolutely no movement in this game at all. You sit still and manipulate the world with your hand. All movement is done in front of you and in your controll. There is very little chance that anyone will feel sick from playing this game.



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