Lethal VR

lethal vr

Lethal VR is a shooting gallery game where you will take part in a series of challenges that will test your VR shooting abilities. The game does not contain much in terms of story, just a series of challenges that use different weapons to use against non hostile targets in order to complete a specified challenge.


Position: Standing
Play Area Size: Small
Chance of Injury: Minimal

Since you do not need to move your legs at all or even move your body for that matter, the play area only needs to be small. If you can reach your arms out fully in front of you, it will be more than enough to cover the requirements for this game.


Sickness Intensity: 0

You will remain in a fixed position for the entire game. There is no teleportation or movement of any kind meaning motion sickness will be something you do not have to worry about.



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