Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR

A wild western shooter with a twist. Take on cowboys with dual pistols and then an array of...wild weapons that may fit the wacky west rather than the wild west

Physical Information

Position: Standing
Calories Burned: Minimal
Play Area Size: Small
Chance of Injury: Minimal

The game requires very little movement. While you could go full matrix with movements to dodge bullets, the game does not make this style of gameplay very easy.

Motion Sickness

Sickness Intensity: 0

You stand stationary throughout the game making this a game that you will feel almost no motion sickness in

Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR Review

7.5 / 10

Gun 'n' Stories delivers a fun wild west experience with a very unusual take on the shooting gallery gameplay style. Being able to hit bullets out of ... Read Full Review

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