Anomalie is a cinematic first-person experience that tells the story of a routine space delivery gone wrong. As a short-range cargo pilot, most jobs are the same. But a harmless-looking space anomaly near your ship threatens to make this delivery anything but normal.

Now a standalone Oculus Rift and HTC Vive experience, this game was first created by Krush Technologies to demonstrate the potential of the world’s first full motion VR Simulator, Moveo. Anomalie premiered in Las Vegas at CES 2016, and coupled with the 3-axis rotation of Moveo, was praised as the future of immersive virtual experiences.

Now, Krush wants to put Anomalie in your hands. Even without strapping yourself into Moveo, Anomalie builds a captivating experience that illustrates the mission statement of Krush – to unite humans and machine.

In addition to the experience itself, Krush has added “free-roam” and “Survive” modes to give you more ways to explore outer space.

The “very-near future” is closer than you think. Catch a glimpse of it with Anomalie.

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