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Secret Soup
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Make Chef’s secret soup recipe.
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Level: Cat Soup

This is quite a tricky one to do, even with a tutorial. The video guide below will make this much easier, but the process of fairly simple. You need to eat up everything outside the Cat Soup building before going inside. Once inside eat up the cans and you will now be ready to start the challenge to make the secret soup.

To make the secret soup you need to put 3 shakes of pepper and 2 shakes of salt into the soup. On the right side of the room there is a handle hanging from the roof. Pull this to open up the cupboard that contains the salt and pepper. Once it is open, go over to the cooker and dump the green soup into your hole. The salt and pepper will be rotating inside the cupboard. You need to make sure 3 shakes of pepper and 2 of salt get put into the soup BEFORE the bird drinks it. Each time a shake is dropped into the soup a cockroach will come after it. If a cockroach falls inside the soup, it will spoil it and you will need to try again. If you get too close to the bird he will drink the soup and it will void the trophy. This is what makes it a bit tricky. You will need to dodge the cockroaches and the bird until the salt and pepper has been added, turning the soup red. If any of this is confusing, check out the video below.

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