Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek
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Find Erin when she’s gone.
Trophy Guide

This trophy can be missed so it is best to track this one to save yourself having to repeat anything. Speak with all family members at the settlement. You should be able to speak with the father, wife and Erin twice each before the dialogue begins to repeat. Make sure you exhaust the conversation before you move on. You will need to speak with them on four different occasions. If you forget to speak with them at some point, you will miss the trophy so make sure you speak with them.

  1. After you escape the first cave of the game where you obtain the lanter, you will find them at the camp fire. Speak to the 3 until they stop saying anything new.
  2. After collecting the first temple key the 3 of them will be at the campfire again.
  3. After you complete the first temple you will find Erin laying on a tree stump by the campfire.
  4. The final time will be after you collect the second temple key. You will find Erin on the cliff above the campsite. The trophy will unlock when you speak with her.

The video below will guide you through all of the conversations.

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