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Complete the boss fight without taking damage.
Trophy Guide

This trophy isn’t nearly as hard as it might seem. As far as boss fights go, this one is incredibly easy. I would advise you watch the video below to help you get this first time around. If you want you can go for “Game Over” first as you can get it all in a single run this way.

The battle comes in 2 stages. The first stage you will need to dodge the water cannon attacks. Once dodged, the quadcopter will drop 3 mines. Catch the smallest mine in your hole and shoot it up to the quadcopter. Do this 3 times and the first part of the boss fight will be complete.

The second part of the battle is easier, but requires some speed. The quadcopter will drop several mines. You will need to collect them all, one at a time and shoot them up at the quadcopter. Fortunately, the quadcopter will remain stationary throughout this so you just need to be quick in picking up the mines and firing them at the quadcopter. Once you have collected all the mines and shot them back at the boss, the quadcopter will explode and you will get the trophy.

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