Woodland Rush - Domino

Woodland Rush - Domino Box Art

An old game in an amusing interpretation. Domino is one of the oldest and most recognizable games in the world. Almost everyone knows the simple rules of this game.
This is a slow and measured game that does not require a strong concentration of attention, since all players take turns and have enough time to choose the best move.
But in this version of the game there is no sequence of turn, and this creates some funny chaos. Each player is in a hurry to be like the first and get rid of all their cards. At the same time from level to level the reaction rate of rivals increases and it will be harder for you to win.
As in any other game, much depends on your luck. Perhaps the sequence of cards will be perfect and you will have time to get rid of them in the very first seconds of the round. But in more difficult conditions, the game can be very long. In this case, you will need a strong concentration, perseverance and thirst for victory.
Good luck and enjoy the game!



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