White Night

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The dark will reveal all in this third-person narrative-driven survival horror game set in the jazz/noir-era of the 1930s. White Night is both a survival horror and an homage to the first survival horror while developing its own identity. Set in America's early thirties, the game offers to live the nightmare of a man, hurt and trapped in an old family manor where darkness is a constant threat.

Stranded and injured in the dead of night after an unfortunate automobile accident, players must investigate a nearby dilapidated mansion and interact with their surroundings in search of aid and answers. White Night challenges players to confront the nightmares of the past on an adventure in which darkness is the enemy… and darkness is everywhere.



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How Do You Solve The Planets Puzzle In White Night?
[White Night] - What is the solution for the planets puzzle in white night? I need to solve it to get selenas piano music View Answer
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White Night Review

I came across this game while sifting through the latest releases on the store. The trailer was enough of a selling point to make me want the game. I'll start off by saying this game is scary as hell! The...