Super Destronaut DX

Once upon a time, arcade shooter gamers where you have to fend off impending waves of an alien menace, was all the rage, but while retro may be old, it is never forgotten. So, inspired by an arcade classic, Super Destronaut DX is retro space shooter that pits you against an enemy more dreaded than a UFO, a scoreboard. With multiple modes and high-scores that can be attained by yourself and players all over the globe, this is one game that will put you on the path of achieving as high a score as you can possibly muster.
Release DateJuly 11th, 2018
DeveloperPetite Games
PublisherRatalaika Games S.L.
Super Destronaut DX Screenshot 0
Super Destronaut DX Screenshot 1
Super Destronaut DX Screenshot 2

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