Solaroids: Prologue

Time To Beat
Solaroids is a re-imagined version of the classic Asteroids as a single or local multiplayer shooter that retains the essential premise that inertia is the missing ingredient of many modern top down shooters. Fly solo or with up to three of your friends against a seemingly insurmountable threat. Defend your solar system in a Campaign that progresses from tame introductory levels to epic high-octane space battles that will challenge even the most experienced pilots. As the campaign progresses and the threat continues to grow, so will the kinds of weapons at your disposal. While each player competes for high scores individually, each must choose their own path; whether to be friend or foe, work together or individually, fight or flee. Each player can customize their ship colors and join or leave the game at any time. As participants come and go, the action never stops. Solaroids: Prologue will continue to evolve with input continuously gathered from players in the community, as it makes its way to an official release as Solaroids!
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Release DateOctober 25th, 2016
PublisherDynF/X Digital
Genres Shooter, Simulator, Indie, Arcade
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