Horizon Forbidden West

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Explore distant lands, fight bigger and more awe-inspiring machines, and encounter astonishing new tribes as you return to the far-future, post-apocalyptic world of Horizon.

The land is dying. Vicious storms and an unstoppable blight ravage the scattered remnants of humanity, while fearsome new machines prowl their borders. Life on Earth is hurtling towards another extinction, and no one knows why.

It’s up to Aloy to uncover the secrets behind these threats and restore order and balance to the world. Along the way, she must reunite with old friends, forge alliances with warring new factions and unravel the legacy of the ancient past – all the while trying to stay one step ahead of a seemingly undefeatable new enemy.


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Horizon: Forbidden West Review

Horizon: Forbidden West delivers everything that made the first game unforgettable and then piles on so much more. Character realism and environmental detail have been turned all the way to eleven. Every single element of this game has been crafted by perfectionists. Fighting off hordes of high tech machines keeps your heart pumping and the hugely diverse spectrum of machines to take down make you put a lot of effort into fine-tuning your approach to combat. The narrative lays down a perfect sense of urgency that drives you through a 20+ hour campaign that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Horizon: Forbidden West has raised the bar for the PlayStation 5 and is an adventure you won't forget.


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Where to Find Carp In Forbidden West

Where to Find Carp In Forbidden West

Carp is going to seem like one of the more uncommon fish in the game. Not because they are hard to find but because they…
Relic Ruins: No Man's Land

Relic Ruins: No Man's Land

The No Man's Land Relic Ruin is one of the first side objectives in Horizon: Forbidden West that you are likely to be locked out…
Where to Find Prairie Dogs In Forbidden West

Where to Find Prairie Dogs In Forbidden West

Prairie dogs, despite it being in their name, are not a breed of dog. They are in fact very small, rodent-like animals that can be…
Where to Find Foxes In Forbidden West

Where to Find Foxes In Forbidden West

Foxes are very recognizable animals that are often associated with the dog family. They make an appearance in Horizon Forbidden West as an animal that…
Where to Find Rabbits In Forbidden West

Where to Find Rabbits In Forbidden West

Rabbits are a common wild animal found in Forbidden West. They are one of the few animals in the game that can be found in…
Where to Find Geese In Forbidden West

Where to Find Geese In Forbidden West

Hunting for a Goose in Forbidden West is a bit of a challenging one. They are not a particularly common bird and even though most…


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[Horizon Forbidden West] - Is it possible to use flying mounts to make it to the top of Tallnecks in Forbidden West? View Answer
Can overridden birds be mounted?
[Horizon Forbidden West] - Is it possible to use birds as mounts when you override them, just like you can with other overridden machines in the game? View Answer
Do you keep any progress when you die?
[Horizon Forbidden West] - When you die in Horizon Forbidden West, does all of the progress reset or do you get to keep any earned XP? View Answer
Seeds of the past Stuck With Closed Gate?
[Horizon Forbidden West] - During the seeds of the past quest, there is no way forward. There is a locked gate with enemies behind it but nothing is happening. View Answer
Stuck Looting, Aloy won't stand up
[Horizon Forbidden West] - Aloy gets stuck when looting a dead enemy and there is no way to make her break away from the looting View Answer
Is Horizon 2 going to be a launch game for the PS5?
[Horizon Forbidden West] - Is the new horizon game going to be a launch title for the PlayStation 5? View Answer
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Horizon Forbidden West Collectors Edition Unboxing

Horizon Forbidden West is the first major game we have seen released on PS5 that was not a remaster of some kind. It generates quite a lot of buzz and thankfully for us all, it was not a disappointment. Horizon...