Hardware: Rivals

Hardware: Rivals Box Art

Hunt down your opponents in an armoured tank or pursue them at speed in a Fast Attack Vehicle. Enter the fray in an all-terrain battle-fest of online multiplayer action.

Plough through a range of unique combat arenas, claiming bounties, completing Challenges and wreaking terrible vengeance upon old adversaries. With a range of upgrades to unlock as you progress, multiple battle modes and regular community events, there will always be a chance to settle the score.


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Hardware: Rivals Review

Hardware: Rivals is a good game, but it feels more like a beta than a finished product. There isn’t nearly enough content in this game to keep you going. I’m sure this will change over the next few months with some new DLC, but you shouldn’t have to pay for DLC on top of the cost of the game just to get a “complete game”. The fact is that right now, there Hardware: Rivals is an incomplete game without much of a replay factor and any reason to continue to playing after a few hours of playing.



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Hardware Rivals Review

Hardware Rivals is a vehicular combat game that really reminded me of one of my favorite childhood games, Vigilante 8. Hardware Rivals allows you to choose a vehicle and places you in a map populated with other online gamers with...