Delta Patrol

Delta Patrol Box Art

As you speed your way over the rapidly changing terrain, you begin top realize that you are the last surviving member of Delta Patrol... you are alone.

Your knees shake, your stomach flutters. To relax, you think about what you are going up against. After all, you've been there before. The scouts will come first. They're the ones that probably got Chief. The scouts are expendable. Heck, they must be, with the way they seem to come in waves! But once you destroy a few of them the enemy commanders are on to you. They know where you are and how many of you there are.

No, don't think about that!

And don't think about the more sophisticated ships that will be after you. Better trained, they are the elite of the enemy force. And that Mother Ship! Oh, what a prize that would be! If only...

But, no. That was not Delta Patrol's mission. That much you know. But, there is no more Delta Patrol... no more Delta Patrol procedure. What you do will determine the outcome of the next battle. You are the last surviving member of Delta Patrol!



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