Black Skylands

Black Skylands Box Art

Earth has been turned into thousands of flying islands. The survivors are at war for resources. You are an airship captain who wants to reach Black Skylands, a scavenger’s paradise. To do so you must destroy hordes of hostile monsters and find peace and prosperity for your people.



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Where can I get stone?
[Black Skylands] - Where can I find stone in black skylands. I am findfindfinding finding All recourses except View Answer
Where are you supposed to find coal?
[Black Skylands] - Where do you find coal in black skylands. I have been sailing around the map for a while and I have not been able to find any coal at all. View Answer
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Black Skylands Early Access Review

Living in a land above the clouds is an attractive premise for an adventure game. The colourful, 8-bit style visuals of Black Skylands are sure to pull you in. Black Skylands is a steampunk adventure that puts you at the...