Adams Ascending

Time To Beat
"ADAMS ASCENDING is an inspiring, soulful exploration for new life and childlike revelation. It's an immersive story driven game where the amount of dedicated exploration and gameplay choices made, will determine how the story unfolds. Will you make the decision to take on the world with physical strength or supernatural powers? The choice is yours. This game is a reflection of the soul and how your decisions can impact the world, but more importantly - your future. You play as Adam, an interstellar explorer searching for life. After discovering a powerful secret, a chain of events leads our explorer to an unknown dimension of limitless potential. Investigate why and how you've arrived into this unknown phenomenon, but most importantly who you need to become to find your way home."
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Release DateDecember 31st, 2020
DeveloperParable Worlds
PublisherParable Worlds
Genres Shooter, Adventure, Indie