Video Submission Guidelines

There are very few limits in regard to the content of the videos that you can submit to the website, but in order to make sure that a video is worth clicking on and wont be a waste of peoples time and our bandwidth, we have setup a list of guidelines to follow.

The following guidelines will not only ensure that your video is processed and approved, but will also allow your video to get more traffic and show up more frequently in search results. For all video submissions to the website, please adhere to the following video submission guidelines.

  • Summary – Add a brief description for the video that will show up in search results and on video tiles. This should be short and to the point. 2 sentences is usually enough.
  • Keywords – Include 3 – 5 valid keywords that describe your video. Adding keywords that do not apply, will only negatively impact the video and risk that it gets removed.
  • Description – A description for the video should contain at least 2 – 3 paragraphs of texts that total in at around 150 words. The better the video description the more likely this video will be considered a “featured” video and will also boost the chances that your video will show up in the search results. The description must be a description and should not contain a bunch of keywords to trick search results into displaying the video.
  • Embed Code – The most important part is the embed code for the video. This must be the embed code and not the url of the video.
  • Video ID – This is required to be able to pull your channel info from YouTube and display on the video page. Features will include, thumbnails and a subscribe button.