Video Submission Agreement

By submitting a video to any site on the Nerdburglars network, you are agreeing to the following terms of use for your video content.

Once approved your video will be published on the website. Alterations may be made to any of the field values submitted to make the video better fit our guidelines. You will not have the ability to alter the description or content of the video after it has been published so please ensure that the content is valid upon submitting.

The video submitted will still belong to you and all ad revenue made on the video will be yours to keep. Nerdburglars do not claim ownership of the video or any of the content stored on google. However the content relating to the video that is stored on our servers which includes comments, reviews, data entered on submission and any other information generated on our network belongs to the Nerdburglars network. You do not have the permission to modify or delete any content stored on our servers after publication. Our team of administrators are always happy to help out in the event that there is content on our network that you are unhappy with.

We have the right to remove any content and YouTube channel information from your account if we feel that the content is not yours, there are complaints about the content or the content is not acceptable for the network site that it has been submitted to.

When you submit a video you are confirming that the video being submitted is your creation or that you have full permission to be submitting the video. In the event that we get confirmation that a users account has been using another persons profile without their permission, ownership of the account may be transferred over to the true owner.