Video Game QA Help

When using the questions and answers section of this site, there are no real rules, but in order to make sure you post your question in the right place, it is worth reading over this page first. The Game FAQ page is there for people to ask questions directly related to a game. Questions such as “are there any games like XYZ”, or “which game should i buy” are not to be placed here. This section is for fact based question and answers. A users opinion should not normally be required to answer a question here. This area of the site is not designed to be a discussion board, so please do not have detailed discussions. Ideally, a thank you would be the only response you ever give to someone who responds to your question, but of course the comment section is there for you to request further detail if needed.

What to Post

If you are stuck in a game or are unsure of something, ask the question and others will hopefully help you out. Your questions should be as detailed as possible, including any images or videos if you can. If you are having technical issues, be sure to provide error codes and be as descriptive as possible. If someone answers your question, but not fully, leave a comment on the users response, do not make another question.

What Not To Post

Generally speaking opinion related questions should be posted elsewhere. There are exceptions of course,for example, should i kill a character or let them live. This is opinion based, but generally there are only 2 outcomes and peoples opinions will be based on the outcome of the decision rather than any personal reasons. If you want to know what peoples favorite call of duty games are, it is best to ask them somewhere else. This section is for factual questions and answers only. No opinion pieces that are not based on any facts about a game.

Comments VS Responses

When you view any post, you will have 2 ways to reply to it. A comment or a response, which is the correct one to use? Well it depends on what you need to say. Here is the difference between comments and responses.
Comments : Comments should be used as a way to add a brief note based on the main coment. For example, if someone were to ask a question that is unclear, you would leave a comment asking them to clarify what they are asking. You should never provide a full answer to anything in the comment section. Comments are visible to all visitors, but their main goal is a public method of communicating with the user who left the original message. It makes more sense for it to be public so other users can see the outcome of what was said so they do not need to ask the same question.
Responses: A response is what it says on the tin. A response to the original question. If someone needs to know where to find a specific item, or is unable to find something in a game and you know where to find it. You will leave a response instructing the user where to find the item in question. A Response will be a direct answer with the question.

So, in short. Leave a comment if there is something you need to ask the author, leave a response if you have something to tell the author that doesn’t require their response.

What Do Votes Do?

Votes are a way to filter out bad content that doesn’t nessesaraly break any rules. If someone posts a stupid question, people will downvote it and it will eventually be filtered out of search results due to it being a poor quality question. In the other direction, the voting system allows people to earn some XP for providing good quality questions or answers.

My Question Isn’t Showing Up On any searches or post lists

This is normal. All indexes in this section are cached for up to 20 minutes. If you make a new post, you may have to wait this amount of time before the cache is cleared and refreshed with the latest post list. This is done to maxemise performance. If every request, required database requests, the site would get very slow. When someone leaves a response to a question, the cache for that specific page is immediately cleared and refreshed, but the response count on the post index may also take some time before it is refreshed.

What Is The Eye Ball Icon For?

On the left column of a question, you will see a little eye ball icon. If this is highlighted, then you are watching this question and will be notified when there are responses. Click the icon to toggle whether you watch a post or not.