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Massive New Vegas Mod Brings California To Fallout

Everyone who has ever followed the mod scene for any period of time will know all too well that the vast majority of the “most exciting” mods never see completion. It is a very common trend for a small team of guys have a great idea, but never have the means to implement it. This is not always the case though, every now and then we get a nice surprise to find that a massively¬†ambitious mod is almost complete. Well this is about to be the case for a Fallout New Vegas mod known as New California.

Fallout: New California was originally called Project Brazil when it first surfaced back in May 2013, with a playable beta. It has been 4 years since it’s announcement and while the project has had ups and downs, like any mod. However, unlike most mods, the people behind this mod have shown some true dedication, as it is almost complete. A new map, a new story, all centred around a completely new character. This is less a mod and more a completely new entry in the Fallout series. Below is a picture of the map to give you an idea. The segment highlighted in green is the map for New California that has been placed on top of the map for New Vegas. Not a bad size at all!

This mod is going to be released for the PC version of New Vegas. Since the PS3 and Xbox versions of this game do not support mods, it is close to impossible that this will ever be released on those platforms. Even if it could, the size of the mod is likely too large to fit within the requirements for console mods.

There is a huge amount of information available for this mod over on the modDB page, which I highly suggest you check out if you are interested in this. The most recent blog post was made at the end of September and it looks as though things are almost complete. The excitement is building for this one. Lets hope it has a smooth and easy release.

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