Uncharted Remaster Might Be Announced On October 4th

uncharted remaster

A few months back Sony hinted an Uncharted remaster. There has been little said since then on the topic from Sony, but it looks like things might change over the next month. October 4, 2014 will mark the 30th anniversary of Naughty Dog, a studio that has brought us games such as Crash Bandicoot, Last of Us, Uncharted and Jak and Daxter. After a successful remaster of The Last of Us and hints from Sony that the Uncharted series is a perfect candidate for a remaster, this anniversary could be the platform for a surprising reveal.

Some gamers may not be overly excited about remasters, and if you are one of those then don’t be overly disappointed. We are almost guaranteed to get some Naughty Dog related game news on October 4th. Whether you are looking forward to a remaster, new footage or perhaps a revival of an old IP (Jak and Daxter), we should all be happy that we have such a fantastic developer that is still producing kick ass games!

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