Like pretty much every single person who has played Uncharted 4, I was completely blown away by the games visuals. Not only has it easily taken the crown as best looking Playstation game ever made, but it is very possible it could come out as one of the best looking games ever made. As I spent more time playing the game I kept coming across such amazing scenes with incredible amounts of detail. I found myself taking pictures without even thinking twice about it. By the time I had gotten toward the end of the game the gallery of images was looking pretty nice, so I have decided to upload it.

I’m sure Naughty Dog are not going to be willing to give away all their secrets behind how they made the game look the way it did using the hardware they had. This makes it unlikely that we will see too many games that look this good until a game like GTA 6 is released.

Many PC games, especially the hardcore Skyrim modders, will likely have a lot to say in the counter argument for any bold statements about how great Uncharted 4 looks, but at the end of the day, 90% of PCs can’t run Skyrim with all of these super realistic mods. The PCs that can will cost a pretty penny. With the hardware in question, Uncharted 4 has come incredibly close to any of the best looking PC games with a fraction of the overall hardware power. Just seeing the transformation between the way the game looked in Uncharted 1, which still holds up very well, and how the game looks now is one serious evolution. I would like to say the future of video games is getting brighter by the day, but it seems developers like Naughty Dog are few and far between.

For now I think we can all agree that Uncharted 4 looks incredible and here are some of the best looking things I have come across since I started playing.


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