Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Beat the game with a ranking of S
Beat the game with a ranking of A
Acquire Jehuty
Acquire Jehuty Ver. 2
Defeat Ardjet
Win your first encounter against the Viola AI
Defeat Vic Viper (Leo)
Defeat the Viola AI for the final time
Defeat Inhert
Defeat Zakat
Defeat Anubis
Defeat Aumaan Anubis
Find Taper in less than 4 guesses
After the initial Vic Viper battle, defeat all of the Naritas in under 90 seconds
Defeat the train in less than 5 minutes
Defeat an enemy by using the shafts at Fort City
Defeat the 5 BAHRAM Battleships in less than 6 minutes
Earn a Ranking of SS at Vascilia Battle
Earn a Ranking of SS at Aumaan Crevasse
Complete all of the in-game tutorials
Find all 20 Ex-Missions
Clear Zoradius
Unlock all the frames
Reveal Ken's alternate outfit