Zero Time Dilemma Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.
Complete 1 quest.
Complete 6 quests.
Complete all quests.
Gain 1 Cinema File.
Gain all Cinema Files.
Obtain 1 Quest File.
Obtain all Quest Files.
Finish CQD-END: 1.
Finish C-END: 1.
Finish Q-END: 1.
Finish Q-END: 2.
Finish D-END: 1.
Finish D-END: 2.
Finish CQD-END: 2.
Go through your first bad ending.
Watch all the cinematics in a fragment.
Clear all C-Team fragments.
Clear all Q-Team fragments.
Clear all D-Team fragments.
Clear all fragments.
Drink the real antidote.
Protect Akane and obtain the X-Passes.
All the dice roll 1s.
Correctly answer the Monty Hall Problem.
Shoot that person.
Live a happy virtual life.
Resist temptation to press the button.
Shoot a blank, everyone lives.
Answer with the correct date.
Successfully remove the helmet.
No one presses the button, everyone lives.
Successfully activate the Force Quit Box.