Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Trophy List

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Proof that you thoroughly read "Periplus of the Gaete Sea," written by Adol Christin.
Completed the map of the Isle of Seiren.
Achieved 100% Item Collection Rate.
Achieved 100% Treasure Discovery Rate.
Uncovered all entries in the [People] section of the Journal.
Uncovered all entries in the [Cook] section of the Journal.
Uncovered all entries in the [Fish] section of the Journal.
Uncovered all entries in the [Monster] section of the Journal. (Except Primitive Fish)
Uncovered all entries in the [Materials and Ingredients] section of the Journal.
Traveled a total distance of 400 krimelye.
Achieved 100% Location Point Discovery Rate.
Brought all survivors to Castaway Village.
Built all Castaway Village Enhancements.
Cleared all Castaway Village Quests.
Achieved 100% Approval Rate.
Enhanced a weapon to Lv. Max.
Synthesized all weapons.
Obtained 888 units of a single item.
Defeated 2000 or more monsters.
Defeated 100 dragon-type Ancient Species.
Performed a Skill Finish 1000 times.
Activated 1000 Breaks.
Activated 100 Flash Guards.
Activated 100 Flash Moves.
Activated 100 EXTRA Skills.
Achieved an S Rank for an Interception.
Cleared all Interceptions.
Cleared all Suppression Battles.
Reached Lv. MAX for all skills.
Explored thoroughly with Adol.
Explored thoroughly with Laxia.
Explored thoroughly with Sahad.
Explored thoroughly with Hummel.
Explored thoroughly with Ricotta.
Explored thoroughly with Dana.
Cleared all Eternia Quests.
Rescued all of the fairies in Eternia.
Achieved a Reputation of over 200.
Defeated Mephorashmoo at the .
Defeated Melaiduma at the .
Saw the true ending at Nightmare difficulty or higher.
Started a new adventure.
Cleared Prologue - "Night on the Gaete Sea".
Cleared Chapter 1 - "The Isle of Seiren".
Cleared the .
Cleared the .
Cleared Chapter 2 - "The Castaway Banquet".
Cleared Chapter 3 - "Surpassing Gendarme".
Cleared Chapter 4 - "The Lost World".
Defeated your nemesis, Okeanos.
Cleared Chapter 5 - "Maiden of the Great Tree".
Cleared Chapter 6 - "Lacrimosa of the Distant Sea".
Cleared and learned the true history of Eternia.
Cleared Epilogue - "End of the Blue Waves" and saw the true ending.