Ys: Memories of Celceta Trophy List

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Acquired all trophies.
Completed the Map of Celceta.
Restored all lost memories.
Opened every treasure chest.
Discovered every resource point.
Acquired at least one of every item.
Filled out all monster details in journal.
Filled out all material details in journal.
Successfully completed every quest.
Befriended all animals.
Found all of Mishy's hiding spots.
Mastered every skill.
Enhanced a weapon or armor to its limit.
Amassed one million gold.
Cleared all obstructed paths.
Endured all of Zara's tickle sessions.
Purchased every piece of info from Mouse.
Proved your skill as a merchant.
Walked an extraordinary total distance.
Defeated two thousand enemies.
Successfully used Flash Guard fifty times.
Successfully used Flash Move fifty times.
Achieved one thousand Aerial Combos.
Achieved five hundred Skill Finishes.
Achieved five hundred Excellent Kills.
Defeated a rare golden foe.
Defeated the ruler of the Great Forest.
Played extensively as Adol.
Played extensively as Duren.
Played extensively as Karna.
Played extensively as Ozma.
Played extensively as Calilica.
Played extensively as Frieda.
Began your adventure in Celceta.
Successfully rescued the trapped miners.
Discovered a settlement in the Great Forest.
Solved the mystery of the missing villagers.
Resolved the polluted river dilemma.
Successfully arrived in the Primeval Lands.
Reunited with Eldeel at the Tower of Providence.
Located the underground village of Danan.
Arrived in the ruined capital, Elduke.
Acquired both halves of the Mask of the Sun.
Opened the door to the Temple of the Sun.
Overcame Gruda's trial.
Completed the main story.
Defeated Duren in one-on-one combat.
Cleared the game on Nightmare difficulty.
Defeated a boss in Time Attack in thirty seconds or less.
Defeated a boss in Time Attack without taking damage.
Conquered Boss Rush.
Conquered Boss Rush without a single retry.