Young Justice: Legacy Trophy List

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Obtain all Trophies
Defeat Cheshire
Defeat Sportmaster
Defeat Killer Frost
Defeat Icicle Jr and Sportmaster
Defeat Bane
Defeat Black Manta
Defeat Psimon
Defeat The Riddler
Defeat Blockbuster
Finish the game
Complete the game on Hard Difficulty
Obtain A Grades in half of the Missions
Obtain A Grades in all Missions
Use all the powers of the heroes
Destroy 350 objects
Activate Squad Boost 20 times
Defeat the first 15 enemies
Defeat 200 enemies
Defeat 500 enemies
Reach level 10
Reach level 20
Reach level 40
Complete 1 mission co-op mode
Complete 5 missions co-op mode
Complete 10 missions co-op mode
Complete all missions in co-op mode
Get half the Dioramas
Get all the Dioramas
Get all Red Arrow Journals
Collect half of the Alternate Costumes
Collect all the Alternate Costumes
Unlock all characters
Buy half of the enhancements
Buy all enhancements
Complete 1 challenge
Complete half of the challenges
Complete all challenges
Get 50% A Grades in YJ Challenges
Get all A Grades in YJ Challenges
Answer 5 Young Justice Trivia questions correctly in a row
Reach a Score of 500 in the Young Justice Trivia
Reach a Score of 1000 in the Young Justice Trivia
Reach a Score of 5000 in the Young Justice Trivia
Don’t break any Statue in the Museum Stage during “A Hostage Crisis”
Escape the Avalanche Stage during “Go with the Flow” in less than 5 minutes
Avoid damage from the spike trap in Atabey's Temple Stage during “The Goddess Shrine”
Don't be spotted by any searchlight in Gotham Docks Warehouse stage during Hometown
Don't activate the Statues in The Warrior's Path Stage during “Tag Team”