Yorbie - Episode 1: Payback's A Bolt Trophy List

Starting Slow Starting Slow
Complete the first level in single player mode
Stack Attack Stack Attack
Stack a weapon with 3 of the same upgrades
Indecisive Indecisive
Break the upgrades on any of your weapons
Pipe Dream Pipe Dream
Kill 3 bots or more with a single pipe bomb
Gravity Still Works Gravity Still Works
Fall off 20 times in any level
Rare Transistor Rare Transistor
Collect the Rare Transistor hidden in one of the levels
Pistol Whipped Pistol Whipped
Complete any level using only the Plasma Pistol
Lock 'n Load Lock 'n Load
Collect all 6 types of weapons in the game
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Collect 5000 Cogs and 1000 Energy
Noob No More Noob No More
Complete all Insane Survivor levels in single player mode
Live Forever Live Forever
Complete any Insane Survivor level without losing any lives in single player mode
Insane Survivor Insane Survivor
Complete all Insane Survivor levels without any reboots in single player mode