Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Trophy List

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100% completion of all trophies.
Found your way to Gemea.
Plant a tree.
Glide with umbrella open for 15 seconds.
Build your first farm.
Clean up 100 poops in the farm.
Open 15 Treasure Chests.
Swap shampoo 10 times.
Adopted an animal.
All Sprites found.
Obtained all tools.
Filled your backpack.
Travel the length of a marathon.
First Biome is Happy.
Collect 50% of Cats.
Catch all fish types.
Joined a Guild.
Completed a Master Guild quest.
Completed all the Master Guild quests.
Become a Master Craftsman.
Adopt every type of animal in the game.
Unlock all the constellations.
Completed Kozi's Astounding Animals.
Completed Kozi's Lovely Creatures.
Completed Lauren's Lost Lamingtons.
Completed The Great Beard Off.
Violet finds her Epic Joke.
Completed That's not my Bambex!
Completed The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats.
Completed the Fashionable Scarecrow.
Completed A knack for Nackle fish!
Completed 10 Quest Board missions.
Unlock all the Sage Stones.
Complete the main story quest.
Win a fishing competition.
Hire a friend to help out on the farm.
Find the Arcadian Ice to fix the Cloud Catcher filter.
Obtain Spare Parts to repair the Cloud Catcher motor.
Obtain the sails required to repair the Cloud Catcher.