Yomawari: Night Alone Trophy List

The Night Alone The Night Alone
Earned all other trophies
Dusk Dusk
Cleared the opening
Sundown Sundown
Cleared Chapter 1
Evening Evening
Cleared Chapter 2
Midnight Midnight
Cleared Chapter 3
Moonless Night Moonless Night
Cleared Chapter 4
Late Night Late Night
Cleared Chapter 5
Dead of Night Dead of Night
Cleared Chapter 6
Dawn Dawn
Cleared Chapter 7
Long Night Long Night
Played a total of 50 hours
Pitch Dark Pitch Dark
Played a total of 10 minutes without the flashlight on
Indomitable Indomitable
Suffered a Game Over a total of 30 times
Hide and Seek Hide and Seek
Hid a total of 50 times
Offering Offering
Made an offering to Jizo Statues a total of 50 times
Home Home
Stayed home for a total of 15 minutes
Kick the Can Kick the Can
Kicked the can a total of 50 times
Search Search
Opened Garbage Bags a total of 20 times
Cat Cat
Fed a cat
Monster Cat Monster Cat
Picked up the Big Bell
Sis Sis
Talked to Sis a total of 12 times
Kidnapped Kidnapped
Kidnapped by Mr. Yomawari
Award Award
Picked up a trophy
Wild Spirit Wild Spirit
Found the Tsuchinoko
Memoirs Memoirs
Collected all collectable items for your room
Craft Craft
Completed the radio
Investigate Investigate
Completed the puzzle
Adventurer Adventurer
Collected all usable items
Collector Collector
Collected all items