Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Trophy List

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Earned all other trophies
Cleared the opening
Cleared Chapter 1
Cleared Chapter 2
Cleared Chapter 3
Cleared Chapter 4
Cleared Chapter 5
Cleared Chapter 6
Cleared Chapter 7
Cleared Chapter 8
Cleared Chapter 9
Overcame malice
Cleared all Chapters
Flew the paper airplane a total of 30 times
Defeated five or more mist apparitions (ectoplasms)
Picked up a trophy
Hid a total of 50 times
Made an offering to Jizo Statues a total of 20 times
Kicked the can a total of 10 times
Opened Garbage Bags a total of 20 times
Pet a total of 10 cats
Walked a dog for a total of 10 minutes
Picked up something transparent
Suffered a Game Over a total of 20 times
Suffered a Game Over a total of 50 times
Suffered a Game Over a total of 80 times
Read 5 different bulletin boards
Gathered all lucky charms
Decorated your Home
Completed the puzzle
Collected all usable items
Completed your collection
Walked 1000 steps
Encountered the ghost crow