Yoku's Island Express Trophy List

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Get every trophy
Blow the party horn
Free Kickback
Suck up a slug with the Slug Vacuum
Find the Post-office
Save Spina
Collect the Divefish
Complete the temple trials
Defeat Screetch
Befriend a Sootling
Defeat the Spider
Complete the story
Discover the heart cluster at the bottom of the sea
Discover Fosfor’s Lair
Ride the Beeline
Unlock all the Beelines
Deliver the cake to the inventors house
Toot the party horn 100 times
Toot the party horn 1000 times
Customise Yoku’s Ball
Become the Post Master
Activate all Scarabs
Take the surviving egg to Dipperloaf
Collect all Wickerlings
Hatch the God Egg
Complete Willo's quest
Complete Rinri's quest
Complete Thorn quest
Unlock all treasure chests
Get the biggest wallet
Try every ball style
Collect every ability upgrade