YIIK: A Postmodern RPG Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.
Meet Dali in Frankton.
Complete Factory Hotel.
Achieve Level 5 in the Mind Dungeon.
Have Vella join your party.
Defeat 3 Samurai Tortoise Mini Bosses in Sewer.
Perform 10 Combos on Alex's standard attack.
Dodge 5 times in a row during battle.
Visit every home in Frankton.
Speak with every NPC in Flag Town.
Perform 25 Combos with LP Toss ability.
Execute 1000 Slashes ability with Claudio.
Have $15,000 in your pocket.
Purge 5 Entities from the Mind Dungeon.
Defeat Boss at the Twin Pines Mall.
Perform 15 Combos on The Essentia 2000's standard attack.
Learn all abilities in the Mind Dungeon.
Perform 25 Combos with Alex's standard attack.
Dodge 15 times in a row during battle.
Read every post on ONISM.
Clear every monster den.
Complete all ONISM side quests.
Collect all pogs.
Have Alex reach level 40 in the Mind Dungeon.
Gain access to KNN building.
Complete YIIK ending 1.