Yakuza 3 Trophy List

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Earn all other trophies in the game.
Defeat Majima in Chapter 1.
Defeat Rikiya in Chapter 2.
Defeat Tamashiro in Chapter 3.
Defeat Hasebe in Chapter 4.
Defeat man in black suit in Chapter 5.
Defeat Kanda in Chapter 6.
Defeat Majima again in Chapter 7.
Defeat Lau Ka Long in Chapter 8.
Defeat Fuma in Chapter 10.
Defeat Mine in Chapter 12.
Complete 10 substories.
Complete 30 substories.
Complete 50 substories.
Complete 80 substories.
Complete all substories.
Apprehend all hitmen.
Open all the lockers in the top row in both Kamurocho and Downtown Ryukyu.
Order the most expensive item(s) in all restaurants.
Finish 50 battles with HEAT actions.
Claim victory in all Coliseum tournaments.
Make a mod weapon.
Have your first Revelation.
Encounter all the masters.
Get a hat trick in darts.
Get a break ace in Nine-Ball pool.
Sing all songs at karaoke.
Get a turkey while bowling.
Earn a combined total of 10,000 points in cee-lo, cho-han, koi-koi and oicho-kabu.
Earn a combined total of 10,000 points in poker, roulette and blackjack.
Complete trophy conditions for the games in the arcade. Get 10 stuffed animals in UFO Catcher, and get a high score in the shooting game.
Hit 2 panels with one ball in the Hard game at the batting cage.
Hit a 350 yard drive in Competition Mode in golf.
Catch a tuna.
Complete all minigames.
Play all rounds in Ultimate Skill mode after beating the game.
Beat the game on Extra Hard.
Run 42.195km.
Knock over 100 people.
Initiate 10 battles by using first-person mode.
Break 100 weapons picked up in battles.
Accumulate 10,000,000 yen.
Remove 5 pieces of garbage from Sunshine beach.
Remove 30 pieces of garbage from Sunshine beach.