Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies.
Execute each type of enemy that can be executed.
Harvest each type of enemy that can be harvested.
Activate Bloodlust 10 times.
Enter Ninja Time 50 times.
Counter each enemy type.
Congeal 50 enemies with bile crystals.
Throw 50 zombies.
Cause each type of elemental effect on zombies and in the environment.
Cause 50 elemental effects.
Create 7 plague clouds.
Complete Mission 1.
Complete Mission 2.
Complete Mission 3.
Complete Mission 4.
Complete Mission 5.
Complete Mission 6.
Complete Mission 7.
Play Arcade Mode.
Complete Arcade Mode.
Complete every Mission on Hard difficulty.
Complete every Mission on Nightmare difficulty.
Complete every Mission on Hell difficulty.
Achieve a 50-hit streak.
Achieve a 100-hit streak.
Achieve a 200-hit streak.
Chain 5 or more executions together.
Kill 1,000 zombies.
Kill 5,000 zombies.
Take no damage and achieve Legend status in 10 arenas.
Get 25 Legend arena scores.
Get 50 Legend arena scores.
Destroy an obstacle with elemental effects.
Collect all of the story collectibles.
Unlock all of Yaiba's upgrades.
Collect all the health shards.
Collect all the elemental shards.
Yaiba has a rude awakening.
Yaiba gets an armful.
Yaiba survives quite the tumble.
Yaiba reveals a family secret.
Yaiba gets his hands dirty.
Yaiba directs traffic.
Yaiba joins the crowd.
Yaiba brings up a good point.
Yaiba finds religion.
Yaiba doesn't sleep well.
Yaiba returns to the scene of the crime.
Yaiba gets some fresh air.
Yaiba sets aside time for traveling.