XBlaze Code: Embryo Trophy List

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Completed XBLAZE
Viewed Es' ending.
Viewed Hinata's ending.
Viewed Kuon's ending.
Viewed Mei's ending.
Viewed dark end.
Viewed all endings.
CG's achievement 25%
CG's achievement 50%
CG's achievement 75%
CG's achievement 100%
You've read one TOi article.
You've read 15 TOi articles.
You've read 30 TOi articles.
You've read every single TOi article.
You've read a single TIPS.
You've read every single one of the TIPS.
You've played all songs in Music.
Unlocked all of the scene recaps.
Reach a dead end without accessing TOi once.
Opened a character's profile.
You've read the profile of every character.
You've seen all of the summaries (yup, all 110).
You've started your journey into the XBLAZE universe.
Completed all scenarios 100%! Good job!
Experienced the hilarity of the gag scenario.
Cleared Episode 1 "Encounters"
Clared Episode 2 "Unforgivable Sin"
Cleared Episode 3 "10 Sages"
Cleared Episode 4 "Heresy"
Cleared Episode 5 "Desired World"
Cleared Episode 6 "A Stranger"
Cleared Episode 7 "Irreconcilable Differences"
Cleared Episode 8 "Demon's Roar"
Cleared Episode 9 "Salvation"
Cleared Episode 10 "Wadatsumi"
Cleared Episode 11 "Atonement"
Cleared Episode 6 "Conversations"
Cleared Episode 7 "Courting Catastrophe"